Adversarial Divorce

Hire a Mediator when your lawyers want to keep fighting


The problem of adversarial divorce

Too often family law attorneys drive up legal fees unnecessarily by inciting more win-lose,
adversarial dynamics in divorce cases – – even when the parties either want to reconcile or work
out their conflict in cooperative ways. In fact, that their code of ethics: they have an ethical
duty to provide zealous advocacy, to do whatever it takes to “win.” However, in family law, this
sort of adversarial “winning” comes at huge costs. These include the situation of not being able
to co-parent effectively; billing of massive legal fees; long-term restraining orders; social
upheaval for the people the couple knows; and the preclusion of any kind of cooperation
before, during, and after a divorce is settled. In addition, you lose control over the disposition
of your case, and give it to judges and lawyers.

High-level mediation can solve your problem

If your divorce is totally in the ditch because of greedy, out of control, high-conflict attorneys,
you may consider effective intervention by a professional mediation firm with training in game
theory strategy, psychology and psychoanalysis, the finances and taxation of divorce, and a
depth of mediation and negotiating techniques. A good mediation firm can troubleshoot this
intractable, expensive situation, analyze solutions and remedies, and help you transform such a
case into an effective, mediated, less expensive divorce. Such intervention is stressful because
the attorneys will not want to give up their cases, but it is your choice and your legal right to
fire them, and get your case done right.

Please call BCS Mediation (

BCS Mediation & Negotiation is a full-service firm, and we can handle all aspects of your
divorce, draft a good settlement agreement, and complete all necessary court documentation
to finish your case – – quickly and efficiently. If you are such a couple that has been caught in
the vice grip of adversarial and intractable dynamics, you can fix your problem by calling our
firm. One of our experienced mediators will give you free, confidential consultation to show
you how BCS Mediation can help you take your case out of an adversarial paradigm, and
transform it into a solvable, cooperative, workable mediation, even if you no longer trust or like
your spouse. Call us today for a FREE consultation. 1-415-830-0065