In a state where water supply and quality is threadbare for many, California’s Fair Water Rights Bill steps in to redress the balance between the state and the people who use water in California. The bill passed the California Assembly and is set to head to the Senate for consideration in the next few weeks. Why does this matter? The Fair Water Rights bill establishes a neutral Water Rights board to conduct hearings in place of the Water Resources Board. Essentially this will mean a major conflict of interest is reduced at the state level, making the process of dealing with the state over water fairer for rights-holders.

If you are involved in a water rights or water related dispute, hiring a mediator may be a good choice to ensure that your interests are fairly considered in a dispute. Mediation is a confidential and non-adversarial process that recognizes the interests of all stakeholders. Mediation levels the playing field for stake-holders who might otherwise be involved in costly, protracted disputes with opponents who wield superior resources. At Boileau Conflict Solutions, we recognize that disputes often take place between people within a community or between people who share common resources like water. We utilize practical techniques informed by game theory, psychology, and solid strategic and tactical techniques to help parties come to sustainable agreements that protect important relationships. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

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