Now You Can Have Your Cyberbullying Case Mediated For A Peaceful Resolution

A lot of people believe that cyberbullying is a teenage phenomenon but the truth is that it can affect people of all ages. There have been a lot of cases recently of people being stalked or bullied by another person using the Internet and there are probably many more as people do not report a large number of the cases.

Cyberbullying can be a harrowing experience for the victim. It can make some people feel really scared and experience the feeling that someone is watching their every move. People often feel alone in this situation and feel that they have to deal with the problem themselves but help is at hand.

If you are currently experiencing cyberbullying then this can really have a damaging effect on your life. It can affect both your personal and professional life so it is really in your interest to do something about it quickly.

Why does Cyberbullying happen?

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing a cyberbullying situation. Maybe you have had to fire someone at your place of work and you are now facing retribution from them online.

If you have been in a relationship with someone that has not turned out well then cyberbullying can take place. People can become obsessed in relationships and if their love for you is rejected then it can make them resort to harassing you using the Internet.

Sometimes it can be a total stranger that is cyberbullying you. These people are malicious and sadistic and derive great pleasure from using the Internet to bully others. There may be no personal or professional reason for this to take place. They just get a kick out of making your life a misery.

You can even be the victim of mistaken identity. The person performing the cyberbullying believes that you are someone else who has done them wrong. It doesn’t matter what you say to them they remain convinced that you are somebody else and that you deserve to be on the end of their wrath.

Handling Cyberbullying

It is very easy to hide behind a keyboard and screen and make threats to people. These days a lot of people will use aliases to hide their true identity and they believe that they can get away with anything because of this anonymity.

Accept that the likelihood of people actually carrying out any threats that they have made to you online is pretty small. If they were really going to do this then they would have confronted you face to face and not hidden behind a screen.

Having said that it is never a good idea to test these people out by making abusive comments and threats back to them. Just remain calm when you are replying to them and do not alienate them.

Take Action to Stop Cyberbullying with Professional Mediation

Some cyberbullying cases have been so bad that they have ended up in litigation. Before you make a call to a lawyer consider the use of a professional mediator to resolve your cyberbullying case.

The experienced mediators at Boileau Conflict Solutions will be delighted to discuss your cyberbullying case with you. Then they will investigate your situation and either attempt to ameliorate it through the process of mediation and negotiation, or they can pass on their detailed findings to law enforcement.

Don’t put up with cyberbullying. Please call Boileau Conflict Solutions now for a confidential consultation.