Part I of a Series on International Divorce Mediation and Travel Considerations

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about your individual situation it is best to seek the advice of an experienced legal professional

Perhaps you’re used to boarding a flight at a moment’s notice or as part of a long-anticipated project. If your divorce hasn’t been finalized and you’re bringing your kids, this could be a problem. While you are involved in the divorce process (after the divorce petition has been received in California), a range of activities are paused. Automatic temporary restraining orders (ATROs) prevent children from being taken out of state in case they are kidnapped by a parent. Even if a child is sent to summer camp by one parent unknowingly, there can be serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to work with divorce professionals to understand and plan around these restrictions. Angelina Jolie was reportedly upset that she couldn’t take her kids to London with her to film Maleficent II. When you mediate your divorce you can craft your own timeline that helps to eliminate these surprises. Mediation is a non-binding, non-adversarial process facilitated by a third party called a mediator. You don’t have to feel pressured by an arbitrary process, or by your spouse’s attorney’s agenda (though you can involve your divorce attorneys in the process if desired). This gives the potential to coordinate your divorce around your work/travel schedule.

Mediation Can Bring Freedom and Flexibility to the Divorce Process (And Help You Travel Freely with Your Kids)

– Mediation resolves in a shorter time period than the typical divorce. Though you still may have to wait to travel for a period before your divorce is finalized, the overall process will be quicker if your divorce has been worked out collaboratively and there are no surprises or arbitrary court dates.
– Mediation can help you co-ordinate your work and travel schedules with divorce. The high level divorce mediation we offer at Boileau Conflict Solutions covers complex financial and scheduling considerations. Mediation can prep you for your divorce so you have an agreed upon timeline that suits busy lives with a lot of travel. We work with many international clients or those that travel for work.
– Mediation keeps you on the same page as your partner, which allows you to plan better. At Boileau Conflict Solutions we approach conflict resolution using a unique combination of psychoanalytical and financial tools that tackle the roots of conflict. The benefit of using transparent, scientific approaches such as game theory is that partners in the divorce can trust the process and each other.
– Mediation optimizes your finances so you can afford to travel. If you can work together to get the best out of your finances you can fund travel for work or travel between residences if a co-parent wants to move away.
– Sometimes divorce attorneys can work together to lift ATROs temporarily if needed. Your mediator can help you agree on this.

How We Can Help

We are caring, well-educated mediators who are skilled in applied financial mathematics, the law psychoanalysis, and game theory. We strive to efficiently comprehend your situation and its opportunities for sustainable and agreeable resolution. Our high-level divorce mediation services are tailored to the needs of people with complex lives or divorces that may be difficult or protracted. We work with individuals from several cultures and countries, and can help with national and international relocation issues associated with divorce. You can visit us at our offices in Boulder, CO, Campbell, CA, Irvine, CA and Beverly Hills, CA. We can also be reached by Telephone, Zoom or Facetime. We are available 7 days a week and at urgent notice. Please contact us to see how we can help.

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