Dogs In Hot Cars

Concerned Citizens Can Now Legally Rescue Dogs from Hot Cars

“Good Samaritans” who see animals trapped in hot cars no longer have to ignore their conscience and walk on by. If citizens act “in good faith” to rescue animals by breaking into cars they are now protected by the “Right to Rescue Act”, so long as they meet certain conditions.

Citizens need to check to ensure the car cannot be opened, have observed that the animal is suffering harm or in immediate danger, make sure to call law enforcement, stay with the animal until first responders arrive and not use more force than necessary during the rescue of the animal.

Animals left in cars are no urban legend: hundreds suffer and many die each year as a result of being left in hot vehicles. Many people don’t realize how quickly cars can heat up, especially if they’re leaving their animal for a short period of time. On an 80 degree day, the inside of a parked car can heat up to 120 degrees within 10 minutes. Because animals are often found after they’ve been suffering for a while, immediate action is often required. Now citizens can act without fear of criminal prosecution and liability for civil damages.

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New California Law Allowing Concerned Citizens to Rescue Dogs From Hot Cars Takes Effect Jan. 1