If your marriage is in trouble, you may be unaware that there are other options besides marriage counselling. Marital mediation can complement or provide an alternative to marriage counselling, however the first thing to remember is that it is not the same thing as counselling. Marital mediation is a dispute resolution process that analyzes communication techniques and teaches couples more productive methods of negotiation and conflict resolution. Marital mediation can also help clarify whether a couple should stay married, get a divorce or separate.

Many factors can cause a marriage to run into trouble, whether practical or emotional or both. Marital mediation helps couples to sift through the issues they are facing and gain a rational, compassionate perspective on them. At Boileau Conflict Solutions, we are caring, well-educated mediators who incorporate psychoanalysis, financial expertise and mathematical approaches to analyze different interests in a dispute and move towards resolution. Couples who have been in conflict or distress and unable to find solid ground in their partnership can turn to marital mediation for a practical, efficient and goal-orientated way of resolving their difficulties. Often marital mediation results in the couple making a concrete plan with practical steps to move forward.

Marital mediation can be effective in any number of situations, including:

– Finances — Money is one of the top reasons couples fight, and marital mediation can provide a good venue for working out issues. As mediators with financial knowhow we can analyze your finances to come to a better working arrangement between you two that maximizes your potential as a couple.
– Parenting and Family — We often mediate parenting plans for couples in conflict or separating. In marital mediation we can suggest a way forward that acknowledges different parenting styles or traditions but presents a united front for children. We can also help to resolve issues involving family and tradition (particularly in inter-cultural partnerships).
– Sexuality and sharing — if your ability to enjoy your partnership has deteriorated, we can work with you on ways to express yourselves and share activities in your marriage.
– Infidelity — Infidelity can be a deal-breaker for couples, or it can be something that couples are prepared to work through. The process of mediation may provide spouses with a feeling of recompense and greater assurance as they work with their spouse to move beyond infidelity in a marriage.

Marital mediation can help you clarify the issues holding you back in your marriage, whether financial or emotional. Marital mediation is also a process that can educate you as a couple in techniques of relating and communication. Either way, its effects can be long-lasting. Please get in touch via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or telephone or visit us at our offices in Boulder, CO, Campbell, CA and Irvine, CA to find out how we can help.

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