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land rights MissoulaLand Rights Missoula

Any case of land rights, no matter how complicated it may seem, can be resolved using mediation. In order to see results, however, both parties must agree to work together to a final resolution. Even when the case involves family members or neighbors and has become personal, mediation can work. Long-lasting battles between agencies, companies and individuals can be sorted out quickly and lengthy court battles can be completely avoided.

The goal is to have both parties ending the mediation process with an agreement that is fair to both of them. This is a low-cost method of finding the solutions that bring about the results that lead to both parties satisfied. Court proceedings are extremely expensive and the longer they are drawn out, the more money the lawyers make on both sides. Lawyers don’t always have your best interests at heart when they are representing a case that offers a huge payout.

There are a lot of different issues that can come up in regards to land rights Missoula including problems with boundaries, permits, testing rights, environmental quality, general plans involving a city or county, subdivision planning, redevelopment rights, zoning, land use and takings, to name just a few. All of these disputes can quickly become a complicated legal mess that can only be untangled after many appeals have been filed and money and time spent. Mediation, on the other hand, is much quicker and more affordable for both parties.

Boundary Disputes

Individuals can find themselves caught up in a boundary dispute with one or more neighbors. This can cause serious conflict within the neighborhood when the legal process is involved since the information is not kept private. When you use a mediator, however, all of the litigation is kept private and is not available to any of the immediate neighbors. If you want to erect a fence or are having a problem with trees, mediation can help. Both you and your neighbor will be able to sort out your rights by discussing the issue with a trained and experienced third-party.

When you have been trying to negotiate with the other party but it hasn’t been successful it’s time to stand up and take action. Call a mediator first in order to get the problem resolved before things get too complex and complicated. The best way to handle any situation is before it escalates out of control and communication between the two parties ends.

Mediators keep the communication focused and civil during the process and may suggest useful compromises that neither party has considered before. Both sides can present their own cases in a reasonable fashion and will need to listen carefully to the other side. When both sides of the problem are discussed in a courteous manner, amicable solutions may suddenly be found.

Positive solutions can be discovered when a third-party gets involved that doesn’t have any type of stake in the dispute. By taking this approach, sustainable development can occur and mediation is by far the simplest method to use for any type of land issues.

Land Rights Missoula

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