Divorce has come a long way from the Kramer vs. Kramer stereotype of acrimony and woe. In fact, a new Gallup poll shows that a record 73% of Americans now find divorce morally acceptable. The simple explanation is that people have loosened up when it comes to divorce, as they have when it comes to many other social issues. But could it be that the way we do divorce these days has had an impact on divorce’s good reputation? Recent studies have found that conflict, not divorce, harms children. The old stereotype that divorce divides families has been challenged by equal parenting laws. Traditional family outings and holidays can be preserved with good planning and non-combative co-parenting. Perhaps the invisible facilitator isn’t just friendlier laws, but also efficient, non-adversarial processes, such as mediation. Divorce acceptability has risen sharply in the last few years, while, coincidentally (or maybe not?) mediation is increasingly recommended or mandated internationally and in the U.S.. Mediation is a way that divorce can lead by example, by modeling a more dignified and humane way to do divorce. In addition, mediation privacy makes divorce your business, rather than everybody’s business, allowing families to choose a better solution without interference.

At Boileau Conflict Solutions we employ careful legal, mathematical and psychological approaches to ensure delicate handling of sensitive issues in divorce — from complex financial issues to the wellbeing of children. We aim to create sustainable solutions and maintain important co-parenting relationships if desired. We can also provide long-term co-parenting conflict management if necessary. We offer a full menu of services such as case review, case analysis, court documents, settlement agreements, parenting plans and title transfers in anticipation of potential litigation or as part of full-on mediation. We often work with international clients on complex international parenting plans etc. We have offices in Campbell, CA, Boulder, CO and Irvine, CA. If you are curious about mediation for your divorce, please call us or visit us to hear more about how we can help.

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