Water Rights

How Can Water Rights Mediation Resolve a Water Rights Dispute?

Water is the basis of survival for the society at large and for individuals. Without water our chances of survival are completely diminished and this is one of the reasons why a water rights issue can quickly become emotional and quite complicated. When one of these disputes comes to light the battle can last for a very long time as it is dragged through the court system.

Mediation is a much better choice when it comes to dealing with disputes over water rights. A mediator can help both sides arrive at a solution that would satisfy everybody involved at a lower cost than traditional litigation and at a faster speed.
When rights are in conflict in regards to the control, use and ownership of water, things can get pretty heated quickly and become extremely complex. The role of the mediator is to take the complications out of the equation and get back to the original matter at hand. When all parties can look at things with an objective viewpoint, things can get resolved very quickly.

When land changes hands or the construction of a commercial development or residential project is being planned, the question of water rights may come up. The first action that takes place is often to pick up the phone and call an attorney. This can lead to an expensive legal battle that doesn’t do anyone any good except for the lawyers involved.

What Water Rights Problems Do We Mediate?

Some of the most common water problems that we mediate include:

  • Water quality
  • Grazing rights
  • Stream rights
  • Usage rights
  • Community rights
  • Problems with groundwater
  • Conflicts with surface water
  • Drainage issues
  • Many others

No matter what type of water-related conflict you may be experiencing in regards to water rights, mediation should always be put to the test first before considering a legal fight. Mediation has proven to be a low-cost alternative with a high success rate and can help all parties find a solution that works well for them. It looks at the best interests of all parties and leaves nothing to chance.

Our Unique Approach to Personal Injury Mediation

We are mediators and negotiators who approach dispute resolution using a unique synthesis of methods. With backgrounds in psychoanalysis, finance and the law, we draw on communications theory, game theory, psychoanalysis and the law to analyze disputes and facilitate dispute resolution. When parties feel secure that their interests are understood they can own the outcome and move beyond conflict. In highly charged conflicts like personal injury mediations, we tailor the mediation style to the conflict in the most sensitive manner. Preparation, thorough analysis and agreements to commit to the process underpin our mediation process, so you can be confident that your mediation will resolve to the satisfaction of all parties.