Divorce Accounting and Tax Issues

Resolving Divorce Accounting and Tax Issues

Sorting out taxes is often a problem but when a divorce is involved these issues can get extremely complicated. When you’re getting a divorce and need to work out the taxes for both sides be sure to call on a professional for guidance. A mediator can help both parties come to an amicable solution that meets the laws of the lands and benefits the interests of both sides involved.

The Tax Implications of a Divorce

A divorce changes the filing status of an individual and this must be considered before any final conclusions are made. Payments for child support and alimony will also play a new role in the family financial structure and may affect the tax situation of either party. The tax credits will need to be sorted out during the divorce negotiations and this will be determined according to the custody arrangements made for the child. Child custody decisions must be made based on the best interests of the child and not on the tax implications involved with custody.

Mediation offers a number of other benefits when it comes to divorce taxes. If one spouse comes into the negotiations with an unclear understanding of the tax regulations, he will not have the ability to really duplicate what the divorce tax issues San Jose really are. During the negotiations he will learn more about the tax implications of a divorce and how they will affect him. It’s important to provide both parties with a clear understanding what’s all involved when it comes to both current and future taxes.

Many couples turn to their attorneys for guidance during the divorce process, which may lead to disastrous results for both sides. Divorce in itself can be financially draining so you’ll want to make sure that your best interests are kept in mind as far as taxes go. While it may not seem like a prime issue at the moment with so many other things to consider such as the children and all of the possessions, the tax implications are far-reaching both now and in the future. Taxes must be addressed immediately so that neither individual ends up leaving money on the table.

We Help You Resolve Your Divorce Tax Issues

All negotiations that take place between the parties involved and the mediator are kept strictly confidential. Nobody will have access to the information and there will be no public record available. Your tax situation as it is now and in the years to come will be fully analyzed and recommendations will be offered so that each party can minimize his liabilities. At the end of the sessions you will know what your tax situation is in regards to your personal accounts, 401(k) accounts, taxable transfers, benefits arising from compensation plans etc.

During a divorce, it’s vitally important to address all of the tax implications involved. Whether you have a high income or are struggling to get by, the tax issues you handle right now may end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future.