Divorce Transition Life Coaching

During divorce transitions, there are many things to consider, both external and internal. You will likely move. You will split up money and property. Your friendships with others will shift and evolve. You may find yourself taking care of things that your spouse used to do for you. You will split time with your children. You might join a new gym.

Then there is the legal part of the divorce. Lawyers. Hopefully a skilled mediator. Accountants, tax advice, and information about your retirement plans. Stock sales, court documents, a written settlement agreement.

It is never too soon to hire a divorce transition life coach which, in our case, would also be a professional at your mediation firm – that’s us! Our mediators are trained in the financial, legal, tax, and psychological aspects of divorce, and can help you through both the divorce process and the life transition processes that come after everything is filed.

When you hire one of us as your Divorce Life Coach, we can make sure that you answer all your personal questions regarding your new life, and keep you on track to move into that new life smoothly and efficiently. We can help you find a place to live, find storage, new professionals you might need, a realtor, and a new interior design service. We can work with you on your personal and private issues, finances, dating, co-parenting, potential moving, and any other issue that emerges.

Please contact us for a FREE consultation so that we can show you how our Divorce Transition Life Coaching can help you move to and into the next phase of your life in the best possible way.