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Meet the Partners – BCS Mediation

Dr. Kevin Boileau

DR. Kevin Boileau, PhD, JD, is one of the founders of BCS Mediation, and is currently co-managing partner, and senior mediator of the business, animal, divorce, design, and environmental mediation group at the firm.

Boileau is Dean of Faculty at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society and Chair of the Department of Psychoanalysis & Philosophy at the Global Center for Advanced Studies.
He is a training analyst and academic psychoanalyst, senior mediator and lawyer, and co-director at the BCS Mediation & Game Theory Institute. He is a participant at EPIS seminars, a trainer at the BCS Mediation Institute, and Co-Founder of the Non-Violent Life Design Firm and Eeath Science Design Institute.

He is co-host at the EPIS weekly radio show and a committed writer, having authored or co-authored over 40 books. His current research lies at the juncture of psychoanalysis, phenomenology, mathematics, logic, and design as it pertains to non-violent conflict resolution processes. He is also a director at Freedom4Animals, an international animal rights organization. He has a PhD in Philosophy and another in Psychoanalysis; and two law degrees with licenses in California and Colorado.

Nazarita Goldhammer

Nazarita Goldhammer is one of the founders of BCS Mediation, and is currently co-managing partner, and senior mediator of the divorce, design, environmental, and water mediation group at the firm.

Goldhammer is on the research faculty at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society with advanced diplomas from EPIS in phenomenology, cultural psychoanalysis, and psychoanalytic design. She also has advanced training in innovative, non-violent conflict resolution and mediation at the BCS Mediation & Game Theory Institute, and advanced training in conflict resolution design at Earth Science Design Research Institute.

As it relates to mediation and negotiation, Goldhammer’s specialty is in conflict resolution design, especially in conflict resolution, subjectivization, inter-relational dynamics, and strategy. Like other members of the firm, she has highly specialized, advanced experience and training in all financial and mathematical aspects of conflict resolution processes.

Goldhammer is a well-known research fellow at the Global Center for Advanced Studies, attends EPIS seminars and is a trainer and teacher at the BCS Mediation Institute. She is Co-Founder of the Earth Science Design Firm and her current research and practice focuses on non-violent, human-animal integrative design, and interior-exterior design of the lifeworld. She is co-host at the EPIS weekly radio show, a published co-author of several books on human transformation, and a director at an international animal rights organization.

Our Approach:

Our professional mediators and negotiators use psychology, game theory math, discourse analysis, law, and other sciences to help our clients create innovative, cost-effective solutions to their conflicts. We are a national firm and with the help of internet communication, can mobilize a team anywhere in the U.S.

We handle conflicts and relationships in animal rights, human rights, business, family, land, water, and other domains. Our clients are private individuals, partnerships, small businesses, corporations, organizations, and other stakeholders. Whether it be full-on mediation, conflict assessment, consultation and review, coaching, research, or related services, we employ thoughtful, reflective techniques to bring conflict partners to win-win, highly
positive outcomes.

BCS facilitates a productive negotiating dynamic to guide both sides toward the most sustainable, collaborative, and successful agreement. We also provide preventative services to create sustainable business, organizational, and interpersonal relationships that can withstand change and stress. All of our services are designed to keep you out of court, get you out of court, or protect important relationships. As a part of all our work, we assess the underlying psychological and mathematical dynamics of your conflict—which sometimes involves legal analysis—and provide you with an effective solution set, effective responses, and action steps that meet with your budget and save you money, time, and stress. This is almost always a better path than litigation.

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