Internet and Social Media Mediation

Internet Mediation and Social Media Mediation

As the Internet and social media experience of humans grows and evolves, we will see some predictable and many unpredictable conflicts arise in various contexts.  Some, but not all of these conflicts concern, but are not limited to the following conflict issues.

Defamation & 1st Amendment.  Because the Internet has the ability to quickly disseminate information, defamation is so much more explosive and irretractable.  Often, conflict that involves improper used of the Internet is ongoing, and therefore, a good mediator can enter the dynamic, engage in crisis mode solution, and long-term problem-solving afterward.  At the very least, mediation may reduce any further harm.

Stalking. The Internet enables stalkers to invade a person’s social space, as it were, following the victim in various online domains, which can cause profound psychological, social, legal, and financial harm. Mediation can sometimes resolve these issues, and at least develop a problem-solving plan for the future, whether or not the situation leads to criminal or civil actions.

Use of social media against employees. Sometimes, employers invade the social media space of their employees to manipulate them, fire them, or engage in more nefarious behavior.  Obviously, there are highly developed employment laws, but we have seen mediation solve conflicts before they get out of hand and require court actions.

Unfair advantage in divorce cases or end of relationships.  Sometimes, a resentful ex-spouse or relationship partner can misuse social media or the Internet to harm the interests of their former partner.  By divulging private secrets, or misstating facts about a person’s life, there can be employment, financial, legal, and social harms that can emerge.  Mediation can short circuit these potential harms in an efficient way so that the parties can create potential resolution.

These are just some of the conflict issues arising from this new human dimension.  High-quality mediation can solve these problems before they become legal, or they can transform legal problems into managed solutions, saving money, time, and stress for everyone.