Our Mediation Training Services

As part of our philosophy and overall mission, we think it is important to educate ourselves and others about our research and practice discoveries. As such, we manage a national mediation and negotiation training company at bcsmediationtraining.com. Our research informs our training work, and it is both of these elements that inform our mediation and negotiation practice.

Currently, we offer a menu of classes that are appropriate for anyone wanting to learn more about mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution theory. Whether it is business negotiation, divorce, land, water, human rights, or animal rights conflict, we offer standard and customized classes to promote learning in this field. We also have a one-year, extensive program in innovative conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation that we can customize to your needs and specific interests.

Our educational philosophy is much like our business and similar to how we practice the art and techniques of mediation and negotiation. We first seek to understand ourselves so that we are in the best position to understand others, and the conflicts they face. Thus, we constantly educate ourselves, and engage in various forms of growth work, in all substantive areas of mediation and negotiation, but also as people. Then, we try to listen carefully to our clients so that we can apply what we study and what we have learned about cooperative and productive conflict resolution.

As a part of our educational growth and the teaching of others, we do all of our practice work collaboratively. This enables us to learn from each other, to double-check our work, and to make sure our standard of practice is the highest possible. Naturally, developing one’s ability to work collaboratively implies constant work as a communicator and a listener. Our trainings teach this, and we educate ourselves constantly about listening and communication, and how to develop and mature as professional conflict resolution professionals. For more information, about these educational opportunities, or to discuss how they might help you in your own conflict situation, or as a professional, please let us know.

To learn more about our mediation training services, please visit www.bcsmediationtraining.com or request more information by Contacting Us.